Foundations at Willow Place, Guildford

This week we have had a concrete rig at Willow Place to pour the mats on which the foundations of the 6 new homes will be built. This is always an exciting time as you can begin to see the footprint of the properties and get a real feel for the size of them! Now that the concrete mats are in place a piling rig will be brought to site to begin the foundations process, this will consist of holes being drilled into the mats, followed by concrete bring poured into the holes to create a strong support for the base of the homes. A concrete slab reinforced with metal will then be poured on top of the existing mats and piling holes, creating the foundation of the properties.

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  • Pieter Van Olst
    Posted on 6th July 2023 at 4:12 pm

    Thanks for the five updates. Great progress – you can certainly see that the various teams have put in a lot of effort.


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