• Land Required

As a company we are continuously looking for new development opportunities in the South East.

At Aspen Homes we are always open to new development opportunities. So whether you are a private homeowner with a large garden, or an institution, business or school with land or buildings to spare or need to raise funds for other plans you may have, we’re always happy to provide advice as to the options available to you and take you through the complexities of the planning process. We can also assure you of our complete discretion in deciding what path best suits your needs.

In all our projects we consult with the wider community to ensure that any plans meet with the approval of the local community and that subsequent planning approval can be achieved with their support rather than opposition. Our collaborative style of planning with all parties involved ensures the most beneficial and effective scheme is achieved.

If you have a site with or without planning permission in the South East and would like to discuss how we can maximise the true value of your land please contact us.