As a developer it is our duty to ensure that our projects are as environmentally friendly as possible, both during building and after.

At Tretower House we have pledged to achieve a biodiversity net gain on the site through an abundance of means. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Amphibian fencing around the construction boundary to ensure amphibians are protected during development.
  • A green provision along the site boundaries to include a green buffer between Tretower House and Merrow Place.
  • A new species rich wildflower grassland.
  • New woodpiles for amphibians and invertebrates.
  • A climate tunnel under the access road to provide safe passage for the local amphibian population.
  • A new amphibian garden with a half barrel pond and frog and toad houses.
  • Planting 35 new semi-mature and standard trees along with several hundred smaller trees.
  • New bat boxes, bee blocks, sparrow terraces and swift nest boxes will be integrated into the new homes.
  • Numerous Schwegler bat boxes and starling nest boxes will also be installed on trees within the development.

Other sustainability measures we will be taking on site include:

  • Using sustainably sourced timber on all our houses, either FSC or PEFC accredited.
  • Taking the decision to use no gas on site, the homes will be heated using electric-run air source heat pumps.
  • Installing solar panels.
  • Insulating the homes beyond building standards.
  • Providing car charging ports on each house to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
  • Installing fibre broadband to the new homes to encourage working from home.
  • Investing £25,000 into improved surface water drainage on Merrow Street.
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